Some artistic start, jeej!

15 03 2009

It’s been just a couple of weeks that I am back from the Netherlands ( kinda miss there though… Well, actually only A’dam!) and after last night’s meeting on a very special occasion of my uncle’s arrival for his exhibition we had a nice chat about paintings. And here comes my favourite painting from Van Gogh. It is called “Blossom” or “Almond Blossom” and is a gift for his nephew, the son of Theo-his very close brother- and it was meant to hang over the couple’s bed… Fantasy of a new life…






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22 11 2009
Amsterdam: van Gogh « Why Evolution Is True

[…] Wheatfield with Crows. And other fantastic pieces: a stunning near-monochrome still life and a lascivious portrait of almond blossoms writhing, almost sexually, across a cerulean blue sky. Onc can locate the most famous paintings by […]

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